An exciting day for SeaJetCook: A feature!

Today I’m going to take a step back from my normal recipes and write about a little personal success. About two weeks ago, someone from Spry magazine contacted me and asked if they could feature one of my recipes on their website, Spry Living, for an upcoming Kentucky Derby feature. I was over the moon with excitement, especially after I learned more about Spry magazine and found that it perfectly aligns with my personal health and fitness mantras. Obviously, I gave them the green light to go ahead with the feature – and I even got a little bio! Now, I want to share it with all of you.

Spry Living featured my Skinny Spicy Buffalo Shrimp Dip as part of a collection of The Best Kentucky Derby Menu You’ll Find. Here’s the link to my recipe featured on the menu, along with my bio.

When I started writing SeaJetCook a little over a year ago to inspire other busy professionals to get in the kitchen and start cooking easy, healthy meals, I never expected something like this to happen – I’m still jumping up and down with excitement. In my academic days, I wrote often and had a few articles and even a book published. But this blog is deeply personal. It’s a small passion project that launched out of my love to cook and desire to keep my writing muscle strong. I found small successes all along the way as family and friends commented on how much they liked my recipes and how it has inspired them to start cooking more. After almost 14,000 reads later (thanks to some other small success on Pinterest) and now this feature, I’m floored at how much this little passion project has taken off.

To all my regular readers, supportive friends, and loving family, I’m dedicating that feature to you. Thank you for inspiring me to keep cooking and writing.

Love, SeaJetCook.

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  1. Oh Jet I am so excited for you! You are amazing! I am so lucky that my son gets to reep the benefits of all your creativity too. XOXO

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