The first blog post is always the most intimidating, so I’ll start with how to navigate through the blog.

I really encourage you to check out my pages: “About” really gives my food philosophy, “Kitchen Staples” are what you should stock your kitchen with before we really get going, and “Gadgets and Tools” are what I think are essential to making the magic happen every night of the week.  Please note that most of my recipes are meant for two people, so expand or detract as necessary!

Additionally, I’ll add tags to each of my posts, making it easier to find what kind of food you’re in the mood to make each night. For example, I’ll denote the type of food. I’ll also let you know whether it’s a whole meal or a component of a meal – sometimes I’ll just give you the main course, and you can fill in the blanks for side dishes, and other times I’ll give you a whole meal idea. I’ll let you know about the level of fanciness (in other words, there might be extra ingredients you would need). I’ll try to break down if the meal is super low-calorie healthy or whether it’s more of an indulgence. And lastly, I’ll mark about how long the recipe or meal takes to make.

Above all, please use this as inspiration. Adding your own twists is the most exciting part to any recipe idea! For example, I tend to shy away from super spicy food, but if you love it, add some extra cayenne or sriracha to make it work for you! Have fun, enjoy, and remember that cooking every night can really be easy, healthy, and inexpensive – from my humble kitchen to yours.


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